John Cage: Have you ever been alone, Nelle?
Nelle Porter: Of course. 
John Cage: Truly alone. Doesn’t mean between relationships. Lonliness is the feeling that there might never be anybody… Ever again. Now when’s the last time you truly felt that?
Nelle Porter: Thirteen. 
John Cage: It doesn’t count at thirteen. 
Nelle Porter: Okay. Here’s a question for you. What are you talking about?
John Cage: The idea of going to the bar after work with you to dance. The idea of holding your hand as we walk down the street… Just being with you. I cherish it. It’s like a dream.
Nelle Porter: …And?
John Cage: I’m just afraid it would ultimately be reveled as a dream. We don’t have common interests. I’m a person who hears bells, Barry White, make-believe voices. My inner world is bigger than my outer one, that’s not true for you.
Nelle Porter: Don’t you think we should discover some of these things?
John Cage: That kind of discovery would split us. And then I wouldn’t be able to sit in my chair each day, daydreaming of the end of the day where I get to… hold your hand. I think part of me figures, well, if you just move slow enough, you’ll never get to the end.

Ally McBeal - Season 2, Episode 11: “In Dreams”
Original air date: January 11, 1999